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From the backyard to high-level competition, we have a bag to meet your needs. Our bags meet all major cornhole association specifications.
WildStyle Series

The WILDSTYLE series comes in at 7-9/10 speeds and easily slink their way to the hole. This series is fast but can fit through the smallest openings, hit edges, power through blockers, and just melt into the hole. Filled with premium pro-style resin fill.

The Ryu Series

The RYU series comes in at 6-8 speeds and are a very controllable bag for all playing styles. This series also has the ability to flop, roll, cut, block & replace. A well-rounded choice for a player that needs a bag that can do it all. Filled with premium pro-style resin fill.

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The ONI series

The ONI series comes in at 5-7 speeds and are perfect for a player that likes a strategic control game. Featured in this series is a familiar high-performance herringbone carpet fabric that has a great hand feel and gives the player ultimate control. Filled with premium pro-style resin fill.

The Tiki Series

The TIKI series comes in at zippy 7-9 speeds and are like a heat seeker. When these bags get anywhere near the hole they just drip in. Perfect for players that like a fast and loose bag. Throw this series with finesse to put the pressure on your opponents. Filled with premium pro-style resin fill.

The Mecha Series
The MECHA series comes in at 5-9 speeds and offers top-level performance in the carpet bag world. This series features a high-performance hybrid carpet and gives the player the arsenal needed to take any game approach they need for the win. Filled with premium pro-style resin fill.
Custom Designs

For custom designs, contact us to discuss your idea.

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The great part about cornhole is that anyone can play. From new players and backyard players to competitive players and seasoned pros.

If you place a focus on bold designs and a high quality, professional level cornhole bag, Phenom Cornhole has what you're looking for.
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Care Disclaimer

Each set of Phenom Cornhole bags are hand crafted and personally inspected to ensure they meet the highest quality standards. Please note that due to the nature of the printing process, each bag can have slight variations. When viewed on a tablet/phone/computer, color schemes and tones may not appear the same as when printed on the bag.

While we utilize durable, high performance fabrics, these materials can be damaged if not used in proper conditions. Please check the boards/conditions you are playing on to ensure there are no rough surfaces, sharp or unfinished edges.
Customers frequently ask, "what's the best way to break in bags?"
Our answer has always been to just throw them and practice lots of airmails. Never boil bags, and avoid using chemicals/conditioners to speed up the break in process. Using these products can affect the bag speeds and lead to premature wear or failure. Phenom Cornhole bags are made to last. Following these simple recommendations will ensure your bags have a long life of four-baggers and down and backs.